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Jigtopia Puzzle Help

This puzzle may feel a bit closer to the real thing than other jigsaw puzzles you've tried.

Click on a piece while holding down the left mouse button to move it. You can drag a piece to anywhere on the 'table'. Drag together pieces that fit and they snap together. Build chunks of the puzzle anywhere. Later you can drag these chunks around and snap them together.

A piece or chunck can be rotated by holding down the right mouse button. You can also rotate the piece anti-clockwise by holding down the right mouse button and the Ctrl key on the keyboard.

If a chunk of the puzzle is hiding pieces underneath, move it over, the pieces stay connected, or send it to the back by select Reveal from them menu.

Each puzzle has a preview of the completed puzzle. Move it (click and drag the window title bar), resize it (click and drag on the lower right corner), hide it if you need more room (click the close icon). You can show the preview by choosing Picture on the menu.

Get frustrated? Need a bit of help to complete the puzzle.
Click Ghost on the menu to display a faint picture of the puzzle. You can overlay pieces on the picture and use it as a guide in assembling the jigsaw puzzle.
Click Hint on the menu to move a piece or chunk and correctly position it on the ghost image.
Click Neighbor on the menu to see all the pieces that are connected to the last selected piece. All the pieces that are connect to it will be highlighted. Now you can drag the pieces into place to make a chunk.

You can attach a music file to a puzzle so that the music is played while you are assembling the puzzle. Click the Music Off button on the menu to turn off the music.

You can make the jigsaw puzzle harder or easier to assemble by changing the setting in the Create Room. Select Back option from the menu, then choose Modify from the Main menu.

Enjoy Jigtopia Jigsaw Puzzle.


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